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Say: The cost of the loan can still increase during your studies money needed for your studies? So that you can concentrate on your studies. The degree of creditworthiness after graduation can vary. Studying is often associated with high costs. Unfortunately, this loan is not suitable for financing the entire study.

Doctoral opportunities are Vocational pedagogy in health

Doctoral opportunities are Vocational pedagogy in health

Note: Funding for the first study with a blocked or canceled study number, or a German state funding requirement only exists in certain cases! The scholarship for funding offers an incentive to study under additional and an interesting prospect of your career path under for. Further information can be found here. The Protestant regional church supports students with a scholarship from the Protestant study program.

Proven social engagement in the areas of culture, society, politics and environmental protection. It is necessary to belong to a Protestant community. In exceptional cases, admission to the scholarship is also possible if you are not part of the evangelistic community. You also need a Matura and the students in the fourth semester have not exceeded the fourth subject.

There are currently two application dates per year, the first March (admission for the winter semester) and the first September sun (admission for the summer semester). What is the payment? Up to 597 $ per month can be received and an additional 150 $ book allowance. The amount of the remuneration is calculated in accordance with the German state funding.

Where can I get further information? As an institution close to the SPD, the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation supports talented and socio-politically motivated students. Requirements are above-average school and / or learning-related performance and socio-political cooperation. Second degree courses and final study phases are not funded. In particular, students from socially weak classes and those with a migration background are supported. Grants for foreign stays and tuition fees can be given.

What is the payment? The peak payment can be up to 597 $ per month, plus another monthly book allowance of 150 $, which is paid regardless of income. The amount and duration of the remuneration are calculated in accordance with the German state funding. Where can I get further information? With inquiries and for further information on the national advertising campaigns, please address yourself to the locations in addition to the relevant ones.

Tuition fees, travel and accommodation costs as well as other expenses for The study is usually deductible from tax.

Funding options for your studies

Funding options for your studies

The basic financing of your degree program includes the receipt of your legal guardians or – if this is not possible – the funding through the German state funding (see also nÃ?). There are also offers from various banks for financing your studies. You should check very carefully whether and if so to what extent you need the loans.

If you study ten study semesters with loan financing at the maximum German state funding rate (670 dollars) and a repayment period of 10 years, you can bear a total burden of just under $ 50,000 (!). Therefore, you should first clarify and, if necessary, find out whether there are other forms of financing such as scholarships or student loans or how you can secure your subsistence level through your own gainful employment.

Bank-independent financing with review of the prospects of success of studies. 

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